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Amber Rose + More Send Support To Khloe Kardashian … But Why?



When you’re going through tough times and you’re feeling mighty low, who’s the last person you want to hear from? Your [email protected] arch nemesis. We know you mean well Amber Rose, but maybe this wasn’t the right time, sis.

As you’ve probably heard, Tristan Thompson is a dirty dog and has apparently cheated on Khloe with multiple thot-bots up and down the East coast. What makes matter worse is that Kardashian is just days away from giving birth to their first child, a baby girl. So clearly, seeing videos of your man all over da ‘Gram motorboating chicks, is stressful and embarrassing — and then here comes the chick you had to Twitter-check for talking sideways about your sister trying to show you support.

Rose took to her Instagram story when news broke of Thompson’s triflin’ ways and posted the following message:

Amber Rose Khloe Kardashian
Credit: Amber Rose/Instagram

That’s nice, real nice, but we’re sure Khloe is like ‘naw, I’m good.’ Especially since the rest of the world is split on whether she deserves sympathy or shade. You see, many have not forgotten that Tristan left his first baby’s mother, Jordan Craig, when she was 8 months pregnant with their child in order to be with the youngest Kardashian sister. Sound familiar? And while Craig was gracious enough to post this message…

Many others have posted messages like this…

What side are you on?

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