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Cardi B is nothing short of entertaining, which is why if you tuned in for The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon on Monday night, you probably couldn’t pull your eyes away from the TV.

So in case you missed it, here are the five funniest moments from the rapper’s night co-hosting alongside the famous late night talk show host.

Explaining Catchphrases (3:05) : Cardi is known for her unique personality and bizarre sound effects which she uses to communicate. So in efforts to help fans understand what some of these odd sounds mean, the pregnant star broke down three of her famous catchphrases.

According to Cardi, “Eeeeeeooooowwww,” sounds “like a cat that’s going through pain.” As for how she would use it in a sentence, an example would be: “When they tell you good news but it’s not exciting.”

Now if she were to use the same word just an octave higher, the definition changes to “‘oh my god I’m hosting the Jimmy Fallon show.‘” And then of course, there’s her famous “oookkkuuuuuuuuurrrttt” sound, which is used “If someone checks somebody it’s like ‘okkkuurrrttt.'”

John Mulaney’s Baby Gift and Prom Story: The night’s guest, John Mulaney, presented Cardi with a “cardi-gan” for her soon-to-be bundle of joy. Following the receiving of the gift, Cardi awkwardly opened up about her prom night, which, according to the rapper was “good” despite being dumped two weeks prior.

Dirty Voicemail: Cardi was kind enough to leave a voicemail greeting for a big time fan.

Cardi B Reads Kid’s Book, “Go the F*ck to Sleep”: Cardi, in all her ways and antics, read out loud the popular book, “Go the F*ck to Sleep.”

Full Performance: Although Cardi co-hosted, she made sure to hit the stage for a fun performance and TV debut of her track, “Money Bag.”

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