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Earlier this week, Lil Wayne made headlines after being spotted inside a Miami nightclub alongside his frenemy, Birdman. Now, the rapper is making headlines for threatening to shoot concertgoers. Seriously, we can’t make this up.

During the Jumanji Festival over the weekend, Wayne was performing when someone threw a water bottle on stage. Bad move.

After almost getting hit with the plastic bottle, Weezy went OFF and threatened everyone in the crowd. “Ok ok,” he said after making his band completely stop down. “Where I’m from, we don’t throw sh*t on stage because all my n*ggas got pistols and they don’t know who to shoot at.”

As Wayne pointed towards his crew, they not only brandished their guns, but it sounded like somebody cocked their firearm.

He concluded, “So if you throw something else, I’m going to be more safe and I’m going to be the bigger person and just leave.”

This is not the first time Weezy has threatened fans. Back in 2013, the rapper lost his cool when someone through ice on stage while performing in New Jersey. “I’ll f*ck you up,” he told the person who threw ice.

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