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Twitter Fights For Justice After Terry Crews Sexual Assault Case Gets Rejected



Twitter is fighting for justice after the Los Angeles City Attorney and Los Angeles County D.A. rejected Terry Crews’ sexual assault case. The big question folks are asking: Would this happen if it were a white man?

According to court documents, the actions of agent Adam Venit, the man who Crews claims “groped my privates” during a Hollywood event, did not amount up to a felony.

“Given that the suspect did not make contact with the victim’s skin when he grabbed the victim’s genitals and there is no restraint involved, a felony filing is declined,” the papers read.

According to the city, the statue of limitations had also passed.

Back in October, on the heels of the Harvey Weinstein sexual assault controversy, Crews took to Twitter to suggest that he was assaulted by Venit, who is head of the motion picture group at William Morris Endeavor.

During the actor’s Twitter revelation, he also stated that his initial reaction was to “kick his [Venit’s] ass right then”, but he knew it would end with handcuffs and jail time.

According to Twitter, this is a prime example of how the justice system works when it comes to Black men. IT DOESN’T. Not only did Crews properly defend himself by going to law enforcement, but justice was not served.

After news surfaced that Venit, who was only suspended without pay for a month, was off the hook, a flurry of responses flooded timelines in Terry’s defense.

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