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Kylie Jenner took to Snapchat on Thursday to show off her post-baby snapback and whelp, to say we are shocked would be an understatement.

Posing in a black crop top and black bikini bottoms, the beauty shows off her figure from the side while music blares in the background. “1 monttthhhh,” she wrote.

The reality star definitely looks phenomenal, but … too phenomenal? Many on people social media are now questioning if Jenner’s body bounce back is too good to be true. “Just release the doctor sis, don’t be selfish,” someone joked.

Another person wrote, “After Rob proved Chyna didn’t have a real snap back went from the delivery table to the operating table..nah these celebs aint snapping back after a baby like the claim.”

Others, however, are suggesting that she’s 20, so this is very normal. “People are like “she got liposuction” etc well obviously she didn’t. She still has a bit of a belly and her butt is bigger. She looks so good tho, i like her body so much,” one person wrote.

Someone else commented, “She’s 20 that’s the best time to actually have a baby, you SnapBack so fast.”

We should also note that Alexis Sky is on the pole after giving birth just two months ago. Soon, anything is possible.

Kylie and boyfriend, Travis Scott welcomed their first child together, Stormi, on February 1. On Thursday, in honor of Stormi turning one month, Scott shared a snapshot on Instagram of his bundle of joy, writing: “My lil mama 1 month today,” he wrote. “Her favorite unit of course.”

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