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Men wearing makeup is not completely unheard of. But when you think of Terry Crews, the last thing that might cross your mind is that he likes to touch up his handsome looks with color.

During an episode of Conan, the actor was discussing his incoming grey facial hairs and admitted to putting color on his beard to cover up the white hair. BUT then, he unveiled that he wears “a little makeup.”

Crews explained, “I can always be better. I go to Sephora … you get little marks, I’m pushing my wife out of the mirror. I just need a little color.”

The actor, whose recent sexual assault case against agent, Adam Venit, was dropped, is not the only celebrity to rock a little color on their face. Here are five other stars who have no problem wearing makeup.

Daniel Kaluuya: The Get Out star recently made headlines for wearing Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty to the Academy Awards. He practically became a walking commercial after the beauty brand called him out on social media.

Dwyane Wade: If you’ve paid any attention, you’ve probably noticed Dwyane Wade’s eyes not only often look perfectly outlined, but his skin is smoother than most. Whelp, the NBA champion can thank good ol’ makeup for that, at least according to LeBron James.

Just last year, LeBron blasted his former teammate for wearing makeup during an interview with ESPN.

Wade is also known to paint his toenails.

Scott Disick: During an old episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, Kourtney Kardashian’s kids father was caught wearing makeup. At first he denied it, but then he later admitted to using a little coverup.

Adam Lambert: The American Idol alum used to take pride in being his true self and wearing loads of makeup regardless of what people thought; from eyeliner to coverup, he wore it all.

In 2015, however, after admitting to wearing makeup since his early teens, Adam settled down a bit. He told Billboard, “I’ve put down a lot of the makeup. I put the flat iron in the attic. I’m looking at people like Elvis and James Dean.”

Johnny Depp: Johnny Depp, one of Hollywood’s sexiest men, is no stranger to wearing eyeliner. Yes, this is true. He even won an award for embracing on-set makeup. On set or offset, Depp’s eyes are known to be lined to a T.

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