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Taraji P. Henson Says ‘Acrimony’ Character Is Crazier Than Cookie: This Woman Would Be On ‘Snapped’



If you think Empire’s Cookie Lyons is passionate wait to you meet Melinda Gayle.

“Cookie is a lot more tame, she’s the CEO of a company and now that she’s got out of prison she is reformed,” Henson explained. “This woman would be on snapped.”

In Tyler Perry’s Acrimony Henson’s character takes crazy to another level as she deals with the break-up of her 20 year marriage and she told HipHollywood she jumped at the role because the character was very akin to Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction.

“Everytime [Tyler Perry] comes to me he comes with something good,” said Henson.  “Just the fact that he was calling me I knew it was going to be amazing, I just didn’t know he wanted me to shoot it in five days.”

According to Perry the thought to do a thriller about a faithful wife who goes off the deep end when she finds out her husband (Lyriq Bent) betrayed her, came to mind while he and Henson were filming Gone Girl … and he was adamant to get it done.

“We shot Gone Girl, it came out a week later I wrote this and I called Taraji,” explained Perry who wrote, produced and directed the film.  “I said I need you to play [Melinda] and she was like I’m shooting Empire. I was like don’t worry we will make it work all I need is 8 days and she was like you can’t shoot a movie in eight days, and we did it.”

Acrimony which also stars Lyriq Bent, Crystle Stewart and Aijona Alexus is in theaters now.

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