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Sister Shade: Why Tamar Braxton’s Siblings Should Stop Publicly Snatching Her Wig!



Ain’t no shade like sibling shade and the Braxtons do it best.

Three of Tamar Braxton’s sisters, Traci, Trina and Towanda, stopped by TMZ to reiterate why they will continue to call out their baby sis and her disastrous divorce from Vincent Herbert. Basically, their reasoning is simple, because they can. Actually, it’s more tit for tat. Tamar did it to them — especially when she caught the Holy Ghost over Trina’s divorce from Gabe — so they feel they can do it to her. But, the sister squad is missing one major point … this time domestic violence is involved.

Towanda’s divorce was a long time coming and Trina’s involved infidelity, but, if you let their mama Ms. E tell it, the demise of Tamar’s marriage is rooted in physical violence. That’s no laughing matter.

But, if we’re playing devils advocate, we know that Tamar has a slick mouth on her at times annnnnd she did put her busy on front street (aka social media) for the world to see. So maybe the “only dish it if you can take it” rule does apply here. What do you thinK?

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