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Sheree girl, we think you betta caaaaaalllll Tyrone!

Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves. But seriously that’s probably what the Real Housewives Of Atlanta star is going to be doing for a few more years … like  four to be exact.

According to new reports Sheree Whitfield’s prison bae Tyrone Gilliams will not be getting out as early as she had planned. exclusively reveal the inmate’s latest attempt at an early release has been shut down by New York federal court.

Gilliams, 51, was sentenced to 120 months in 2013 on securities fraud and wire fraud charges in an elaborate white-collar scheme to swindle investors of $5 million. After a 2016 attempt to challenge the legality of his sentence was shut down, Gilliams filed a motion for reconsideration in January of this year.

According to the documents Gilliams claimed he wasn’t actually a “leader” in his scheme, the government “improperly withheld” evidence, and his counsel was “ineffective.” He also begged the court to release him on bail “during the pendency of federal habeas corpus proceedings.” But U.S. District Judge Deborah A. Batts shut down his latest arguments in a March 20 filing, claiming he offered no new evidence.

Gilliams is slated to be released on November 14, 2022 — meaning he still has over four years behind bars ahead of him. He is currently incarcerated at a federal prison in Yazoo City, Mississippi, more than a six-hour drive from Whitfield’s native Atlanta.

The 48-year-old mother of three’s family, costars and friends have been critical of her loyalty to the felon, but she still insists the couple is meant to be together. During Sunday night’s episode she gushed about sharing her home with Gilliam once he’s released later this year — and their plans to wed as soon as possible.

Once news broke frenemy Nene Leakes took the opportunity to say ‘I told you so’ on Instagram. “Well we guess we know who the lier is afterall,” she posted in the comment section of a post on The Shaderoom. She also proceeded to call Gilliams “Lie’Rone.”

We can’t with you today Lenethia!

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