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You know what they say, the best revenge after a breakup is looking good all so you can perfectly exude the catchphrase, “eat your heart out.”

For Rob Kardashian, it seems as though he is well on his way to a revenge body and it all just might be because of his ex-fiancée and daughter’s mama, Blac Chyna.

Rob celebrated his 31st birthday on March 17th and in a photo he posted on social media, it became very apparent that his struggle to lose weight is behind him. In the image, Rob holds his 17-month-old daughter, Dream, while looking much slimmer than in years past.

According to reports, Rob has been in a much healthier space emotionally and physically. One source tells People that although he ‘s been more “active,” the reality star still “needs to get his eating in check.”

Apparently, Rob, who has battled with depression, weight gain and diabetes, has been spending ample time with his family and trying to be better overall. “He’s trying to focus on Dream and being a good dad to her,” the insider explained. “Dream is the sweetest little girl and loves Rob.”

The source added, “There is a lot of sympathy for Rob — he fell hard for Chyna.”

If you don’t recall, Chyna and Rob had a very toxic breakup, which was then followed by a major social media feud and multiple lawsuits over revenge porn and other personal family woes.

Since, the two have been cordial – BC even wished the father of her child a happy birthday.

But for Rob, as he continues to change his lifestyle for his daughter, some people think Blac’s latest sex tape and new relationship with an 18-year-old man is fuel for Rob to put out his best self aka revenge body.

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