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Will Smith is one of Hollywood’s highest paying leading men, and now, the actor is getting top dollar to put in double time in front of the camera and behind.

Last year, Smith unveiled that he would be joining the cast of Disney’s Live-Action reboot to the classic animated film, Aladdin. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air star was elated to confirm that he is taking on the famous role of the Genie, previously voiced by the late, Robin Williams.

Now there’s chatter that Smith will handle the music for the film and apparently, he is getting major bucks to make it happen. According to reports, Smith’s team negotiated a record-breaking contract, which includes separate fees for acting AND recording.

Reporter Josh L. Dickey started the reports via Twitter when he wrote: “Q: What is the most upfront $ a person has been paid for their involvement in a single film? [Hint: You can’t look it up because it’s not on the record, the film isn’t out yet, and this person is not playing the title character].”

He continued, “2nd primary role for the film — which will mark a major comeback for that part of this person’s career. Is being paid separately for both functions, a major point of negotiations that led to historic payday.”

Dickey then spilled the rest of the tea, writing: “Biggest upfront money deal in film history. Negotiated separate fees for acting & writing/recording new song(s), refused the ‘package deal’ and it paid off. And they say movie stars are dead.”

Apparently, the mega deal could earn Smith over $50 million.

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