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Omarosa Is NOT Welcomed At ‘The Raw Word’ … Unless She’s Ready To Catch The Fade From Claudia Jordan



Claudia Jordan has never minced words when it comes to Omarosa Manigault-Newman, and probably never will.

At one point Claudia and O were friends, but the “Celebrity Apprentice” co-stars fell out after Jordan accused ‘Rosa’s mom of hitting her at the BET Awards. Claudia also says that, following the funeral of Omarosa’s fiancé, Michael Clark Duncan, she could never be friends with her again.

So, it’s no surprise that when we asked the former “Deal or No Deal” model who she would never want as a guest on her new talk show “The Raw Word,” Omarosa instantly came to mind. “I don’t think there’s any value to having Omarosa here because I don’t think she’s authentic,” Jordan told HH exclusively. “If she was more of an authentic, honest person then I would see value in it, but I don’t see value in it and she can just go back and do another reality show.”

Claudia’s co-host, Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, chimed in and said that maybe Omarosa can come by … on one condition. Check it out below and head over to to find your local listings.

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