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New details are starting to surface about the alleged domestic violence incident that occurred between rapper Fabolous and the mother of his children, Emily B. We must warn you, the new information is beyond shocking and disturbing.

According to North Jersey, court documents state that the alleged incident stemmed from a falling out from March 7. Apparently, John Jackson, the rapper’s legal name, was in Los Angeles for a business trip when he learned via Instagram that Emily too was in LA.

The affidavit states that the rapper “became enraged” when he learned of Emily’s apparent whereabouts. So when on a flight back to Los Angeles, Emily informed police that Jackson was sending her threatening text messages, including threats that he wanted to hit her in the head with a baseball bat.

He also allegedly stated that he would kill her but he didn’t “want to go out like that.”

Despite informing police of the serious threats, Fab still managed to get ahold of the victim. She was later apparently punched by Jackson seven times in the face “causing severe damage to her two front teeth” which she later wound up losing.

Things continued to spiral out of control after Emily had her father “remove two handguns from the residence due to her fear that they may be used against her.” Sure enough, Jackson arrived to the home, verbally confronted Emily’s brother and father and then made his way upstairs to look for the firearms.

Per the documents, “When he could not locate the guns, the defendant left the house, but not before informing the victim, her father and her brother that he had a bullet for them.”

As previously reported, Fab turned himself into police on Wednesday night and was officially booked in Englewood, NJ  for 2 felonies — aggravated assault and making a terroristic threat.

Emily has since made her Instagram private and so far, hasn’t uttered a word.

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