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Just one day before being officially being indicted for aggravated assault and kidnapping, NBA YoungBoy took to Twitter to tell his fans he just wanted to “die.”

Over the weekend, prior to learning the fate of his legal future, the rapper tweeted: “Just need to hurry up in die so this shit can be over.”

Less than 24 hours after YoungBoy’s cryptic message, a grand jury found the 18-year-old guilty of assaulting and kidnapping his girlfriend last month in Waycross, Georgia.

Hotel surveillance footage shows the rapper slamming a woman to the ground before beating her up and down the hallway. In the footage, you see him trying to pull her into a hotel room, hence the kidnapping charge.

The girlfriend was apparently hesitant to press charges because she claims they were just being playful. Unfortunately, her story didn’t stick.

The horrific incident took place just hours before he was arrested in Tallahassee on a felony warrant for kidnapping and other crimes. He was released last Thursday on $75k bond.

Kentrell Gaulden, the Baton Rouge rapper’s legal name, also served time behind bars back in 2016 and 2017 for two counts of attempted murder after being associated in a in a drive-by shooting.

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