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Kevin Hart is on his way to becoming a billionaire … but then again, this should come as no surprise.

Hart has shown no signs of slowing down, from acting to producing to holding record breaking stand up shows around the world, Hart is certainly on top. And now, according to the mogul, there’s still more to accomplish.

While speaking at the Variety Massive Summit in Los Angeles this week, the comedian told the crowd that he is now working towards becoming a billionaire. “The goal of being a mogul is a real one,” Hart told Variety‘s co-editor in chief Andrew Wallenstein. “I want to be a billionaire … I’m 38. By the time I’m 45, you guys are going to be telling a completely different story.”

The comedian then told a story about losing a swim meet when he was a young child. It was that moment that his mother told him one major life lesson that he now completely lives by. “You can be great or you can not be great.” she told him.

He continued, “I want the f–king trophies, man. The trophy in entertainment is success, it’s ownership, it’s a brand.”

Hart, who is also the father of three children, admitted that although “I don’t have time to take a s–t,” it’s all worth it in the end. “It sounds so crazy, but if you don’t have the mentality of ‘Take over, do everything,’ you’re not doing nothing,” he said.

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