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Jamie Foxx made quite a statement this week when he named Tiffany Haddish “the new queen of comedy.” Now, folks are participating in a heated debate about the actor’s bold remark.

On Tuesday, Foxx shared a photo from Oscars night alongside Haddish and Drake with the caption: “#oscarnight #blackandwhiteit was Gods plan to run into these talented individuals… @tiffanyhaddish the new queen of comedy… and the young Canadian @champagnepapi the #billboardbully  #blessed.” 

Following Jamie’s post, people had a lot to say about whether or not Tiffany deserves such recognition. “New queen of comedy? Hahahahahaha while I wish her the best it’s a no. She’s like what Cardi B is to rap! LMAO,” someone wrote.

Another person commended, “There’s no other female comedian really doing as much as she is rn. Until that changes, he’s right.”

What really got Foxx in trouble was his use of the term “queen of comedy”. For all you youngins, there are four original queens of comedy: Laura Hayes, Adele Givens, Sommore and Mo’Nique. (Google it)

Now in case you’ve been living under a rock, Mo’Nique has been calling for people to boycott Netflix because of the offensive deal they offered her for a comedy special. One of her many arguments is that she is an Original Queen of Comedy. 

In the same breath, people have argued that Haddish just might be the first Black female comedian to land a multi million dollar deal with Netflix. So the question is: Is it disrespectful to put Haddish’s name in the same category as veteran comedienne, especially given Mo’s latest grievances?

One social media user wrote, “Billboard Bully, i like that lol, but we gotta stop antagonizing Monique.” Another person cosigned, writing, “Monique about to drop another video to boycott Jamie Foxx.”


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