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Hell hath frozen over and apparently pigs can fly … Dawn Richard and Aubrey O’Day are friends (or at least friendly) again.

Danity Kane fans remember all too well when the dream of DK3 came to a demise. Accusations and physical altercations caused Dawn, Aubrey and Shannon Bex to go their separate ways with the latter two creating their own group called Dumblonde and Richard to focus on her solo career. Even when we spoke to the ‘Blondes following the DK3 breakup they seemed to be over the drama.

Well, fast-forward to now. The Grape Juice reports that Aubrey and Dawn have had a heart-to-heart and mended their broken friendship. A source revealed that the pair met up in Los Angeles and talked for 6 hours!No word on if this means a musically reconciliation but O’Day did post this recently.

HH is happy that the girls are getting along. This is more in line with the hopes and dreams that Dawn had following the break-up of the original Danity Kane years ago…

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