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The murder trial of O.J. Simpson is known to be one of the most intense, polarizing trials of all time. While racial tensions were high, it was the Black community who defended Simpson to no end when it came to his innocence (of lack there of) in the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

But now, over two decades later, the Black community might be having a change of heart.

On Sunday night, Fox aired the long lost interview of Simpson hypothesizing about how he could have killed Brown and Goldman back in 1994. The hypothesizing, however, quickly turned into what appeared to be a complete confession.

During the airing of “O.J. Simpson: The Lost Confession?” the 70-year-old used sentences like “I remember I grabbed the knife” and “everything was covered in blood.”

But if it was hypothetical, how could details be so clear? Whelp, that’s what hundreds of viewers asked on social media.

Meanwhile, it’s safe to say that people are STILL on two different ends of the spectrum. The Black community spoke out boldly on Twitter on Sunday night, many to call O.J. out for being “psychopath” and for a lack of better words, “guilty.’

Others, however, are still defending the former athlete who was acquitted of both murders.

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