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‘Black Panther’ Is Still Crushing The Box Office … But Is Hollywood Getting Pissed?



Just last month, Hollywood could not stop talking about the success of Ryan Coogler’s masterpiece, Black Panther. It was all fun in games, that is, until the film’s continuous record breaking box office run. So we wonder: Is Hollywood finally at it’s wits end?

Black Panther opened up on February 16th and is still sitting at number one at the box office. Steadily moving with it’s historic five week run, the superhero film shows no signs of slowing down – hence why movie studios should probably pay close attention.

Although Coogler and company are riding the high of being number one for five consecutive weeks, the success of the film has completely knocked out other major blockbusters expected to open big, including Red Sparrow, Wrinkle in Time and Tomb Raider.  

Tomb Raider opened March 16 and fell behind Black Panther, racking in $23 million. BP, meanwhile, pulled in a cool $26 million. Two weekends ago, A Wrinkle in Time opened up and unfortunately, came in at number two behind … duh … T’Challa and squad.

According to an article written in Forbes, studios now “need to be very careful about what they schedule during what was until very recently the offseason.”

So will Black Panther eventually fall off? Eventually, but certainly no time soon.

The even bigger question is: Will Pacific Rim, out this weekend, knock the Marvel movie to number two?


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