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Taraji P. Henson has played some passionate women on the big and small screen, but in real life the Empire star is a lot more tame.

HipHollywood sat down with Henson and her Acrimony co-star Lyriq Bent and played a fun game of “Never Have I Ever” and was shocked to learn that the actress known for her role as the wild and crazy Cookie Lyons, has never done THIS.

When asked if she’s ever popped up unannounced at a lovers home or gone through an exes phone she said “NEVER.”

She also said she had never burned or vandalized an exes valuables, joking that she’s way more mild in a relationship than people think.

But the one thing she has done and she’s not ashamed to admit it is sending a drunk text. Now in a committed relationship with former NFL player Kelvin Hayden she made it clear that it was something she did in the past, but has learned her lesson since.

Henson also admitted that, like her Acrimony character Melinda Gayle,  she has been cheated and found out the devastating news from a close pal.

Meanwhile Bent, who plays her onscreen husband, answered NEVER to all our questions which made Henson jokingly swat his paddle to the floor.

You can see more of these two in Tyler Perry’s Acrimony in theaters March 30.

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