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A very single Brad Pitt and a very single Tiffany Haddish might soon become Hollywood’s new hottest swirly couple.

During an interview with Kelly Ripa at the Oscars on Sunday night, the comedian claimed that she recently ran into Brad and he put a nice little offer on the table. “Oh I just met him an the elevator, he said in one year if he’s single and I’m single we gonna do it, so you know what that means,” Haddish told Ripa, who was in the moment setting up a game of “Marry, Date, Dish.”

Tiffany added, “But he do got seven kids, I don’t know if I could deal with a man that’s got that many kids.”

When asked why she would have to wait a year, the Girls Trip star replied: “I don’t know, he told me to wait a year.”

In case you’ve been living under a rock, Brad and Angelina Jolie called it quits in September 2016; Jolie filed for divorce from Brad.

As for how the rest of the game played out, Tiffany chose to “date Brad Pitt, marry George Clooney” and “ditch Javier because I don’t know who Javier is.”

Sound off: Would you be here for a Haddish-Pitt romance? What could their nickname be? Brandish? Bradany? Pittish? (Ok, we’ll stop.)

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