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Bobby Brown is unveiling some new and interesting details regarding the death of the late, Whitney Houston.

During an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone, the singer opened up about Houston’s tragic death six years ago, specifically, how her life came to an end.

Houston was found dead inside a bathtub at the Beverly Hilton and according to officials, the exact cause of death was “drowning” and “effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine use.” Bobby, however, thinks otherwise.

Here are 5 shocking revelations we learned from Brown’s RS interview.

Whitney didn’t die from drugs: When asked what was most misunderstood about Houston, Bobby boldly stated: “I don’t think she died from drugs.” He continued, “She was really working hard on herself to try to be a sober person and, um [pauses] she was a great woman.”

According to Brown, he doesn’t believe there were drugs in her system at the time of death. Instead, “Just being broken-hearted” attributed to her death.

Being married and lonely: When asked what it was like seeing old footage of him while on drugs, Brown responded: “It was a different Bobby Brown, I believe. I was sad. I was married and lonely at the same time and that’s hard to deal with. I’m not lonely anymore. I’m not sad. I have nothing to be sad about. My life has treated me well. After everything I’ve been through – heart attacks, strokes, things like that – I’m still standing. I’m moving on with everything from my past and I accept it. I’ve accepted that shit happens.”

Nick Gordon – Justice Hasn’t Been Served: Nick Gordon, the man believed to be responsible for the death of Brown and Whitney’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, is still a free man. So for Bobby, justice has not been served despite Gordon having to pay the estate $36 million. “Justice? If he was locked up somewhere where somebody can rape him,” he said. “That’s just how I feel. He raped me by taking my daughter away.”

Bobby Brown Hated “Every Little Step”: Brown admitted that he initially hated his two of his number one hits “Every Little Step” and “Don’t Be Cruel.” We know, MIND BLOWN! “I wasn’t there. I wasn’t seeing the bigger picture and the vision that everyone had,” he said. “But when people liked it [laughs] and started jamming to it, I was like, ‘F*ck it.’ I told [producer and label exec] Louis Silas Jr., ‘Dude, I’ll sing the song, but I got to go work with Teddy [Riley]’ and that was the compromise.”

He continued, “‘Don’t Be Cruel’ is still one of the songs I don’t want to perform [now], but everybody wants me to perform. It’s just like, ‘What the f*ck?’ I don’t remember some of the rap sometimes. You forget some of the lyrics. [Laughs] We getting to the song while we performing and sometimes I just get to the point and go, “This is ridiculous. Stop,” and I tell my band to stop and we go into another song.”

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