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Black Panther isn’t just an action flick for the fellas. One look at the trailer you can’t help but notice the strong queens and warriors of Wakanda (a fictional East African nation) with their rich brown skin and textured hair.

This major moment of beauty representation isn’t lost on the film’s star Chadwick Boseman who praised the Marvel film for celebrating the strength and beauty of black women.

“It’s impactful, I think it’s a special movie,” said Boseman who plays King T’Chala aka Black Panther. “It’s important because we do get to see very, very strong women in this film. Women don’t have to conform in any sort of way. Whether you want your hair to be bald, or have white locks, if you wants to have kinks, little curls, it’s all possible here.”
But beauty aside the flick also portrays the women of Wakanda as strong and intelligent.  Danai Guira who rocks a bald heads plays the leader of the Dora Milaje – Wakanda’s female only army, while Lupita Nyong’o plays it’s head of intelligence, Letitia Wright plays their tech guru and Angela Bassett is queen mother.
Boseman says this imagery is much needed as many black men and women still struggle with their identity as a result of slavery and being taken from Africa some 400 years ago.
“The conflict that exists not just for men but also for women when there is a disconnect from your ancestry and an acceptance of the African and the African American that conflict, we are two sides of the same coin,” he explains. “To show that on this stage at anytime would be great but to show it now is an amazing thing.”

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