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What Girl Code? Kylie Jenner Takes Travis Scott From Bestie Justine Skye…



Word on the street is ya girl Kylie is a repeat offender…

First she snatched Tyga from Black Chyna, who happened to be friends with her sisters at the time. And now KJ is being accused of taking Travis from Justine, a girl who was practically her bff (minus that last “f”, obviously).

Apparently, Skye and Scott used to be a thing. Around two years ago the songstress hinted to Hot97 that she had been spending some quality time with the rapper.

However, by the time we talked to her, later that same year, the self-described purple unicorn had broken things off with Scott and was singing about the single life. Coincidental, our interview with Skye was during the showcase for her EP “Emotionally Unavailable” where Kendall Jenner and Kylie’s best friend, Jordyn Woods were in attendance, along with a super crunk Jaden Smith. But, we digress…

Fast-Forward to now. Kylie and Travis have been dating less than a year and have already welcomed a baby girl, Stormi. However, Jenner and Skye no longer follower each other of Instagram (yea, it’s that serious!) and they haven’t been spotted hanging out together since last February … just a month before Kylie started dating Travis.

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Justine wasn’t even in that long a** “To Our Daughter” video that Jenner dropped showing every step of her pregnancy and also showing how all of her friends reacted to her preggo news.

From a social media standpoint, it looks like Skye is only mad at Kylie though because she still follows Kendall and Jordyn, and they both follow her as well.

Do you think Justine has the right to be pissed? Or since her relationship with Travis ended a year before he hooked up with Kylie, she should let it go?

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