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Mike Colter has nothing but love for Mo’Nique but … he’s not supporting her Netflix boycott.  Interestingly, the Luke Cage star, who guest starred on Mo’s sitcom The Parkers back in 2002, told HipHollywood that, while he wants her to get coins, it can’t be at the expense of his own show.

If you recall, the black superhero series shut down the internet during its Season 1 debut back in 2016. Colter, who is reprising his role as everyone’s favorite bulletproof black man, doesn’t want anything to jeopardize Season 2’s ratings.

“Honestly, I worked with her, one of my first jobs was on The Parkers along time ago. Mo’Nique’s a great lady, I wish her the best. She’s got her own agenda. Everybody’s got to do what they got to do, but all I got to say is watch Luke Cage. If you’re going to boycott, don’t boycott Luke Cage.

Colter is also confident Season 2 is going to blow audiences away. Marvel’s Luke Cage returns in 2018 on Netflix.


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