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Say What Now? Bobby Brown Claims Bobbi Kristina Was A “Better” Singer Than Mom, Whitney Houston



Bobby Brown is still grieving — and for that reason alone we’re going to let him have a pass on the reckless things he’s saying.

Brown is honoring the memory of his baby girl by raising funds for the “Bobby Kristina Serenity House”, a nonprofit he created following the death of his daughter in an effort to raise awareness about domestic violence and provide aid to victims. While spreading the word about this organization he also took time to reveal something none of us knew — or believe. Apparently, Bobbi Kris could sing better than her legendary mother. “She was a beautiful young lady. And what she wanted to do with her life, I wish everybody could have seen,” Brown told Us Weekly. “Music, entertainment. She was better than me. She was better than her mother.”

We reiterate, grief is a powerful emotion. Brown went on to say that while this is a public honoring of BK, he also celebrates her memory in private. “We do our private things to honor her. She passed away three days before my birthday, so we definitely honor her at all times,” he said, noting that he would like for fans to remember Bobbi Kristina as someone who “was talented, beautiful and loved life.”

Bobby also announced that he will host the “Celebration of Serenity Gala” on Sunday, March 4, on what would have been Bobbi Kristina’s 25th birthday. Attendees will raise funds for the “Bobby Kristina Serenity House”. “I just think people should be aware that they have some place to go. When you are going through bad times and you are going through being abused, Bobbi Kristina’s Serenity House is there for you,” he told Us. “That’s the easiest way I can say it. It’s too much. Too many women and too many men are being hurt by this disease that people have, abusing people. It’s just not right. I need to do something about it.”

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