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You now may be familiar with the name, Kehinde Wiley — the man who Barack Obama commissioned to paint his official portrait for the National Portrait Gallery.

Most people know Wiley as the Yale University-trained painter who focuses on contemporary African American work. For others, Wiley is the man behind famous portraits inspired by photographs of people he has met on streets around the world.

But there is one major detail about Kehindle’s work that immediately puts him in the savage category.

President Barack Obama

While many are talking about the esthetic of Wiley’s work, others are remembering a few pieces he did of Black women holding the heads of decapitated white women.

The image, meant to depict the Biblical story of Judith beheading the Assyrian general Holofernes, shows Judith as a Black woman and Holofernes is a white woman.

Interestingly enough, folks don’t seem to be completely bothered by Kehindle’s famous piece. But if you recall, Kathy Griffin, came under fire for her beheading of Donald Trump. And … she hasn’t had a job since.

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