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Nipsey Hussle has some advice for Cardi B regarding her gang lingo.

The “Bodack Yellow” rapper has reportedly been receiving death threats from Crips after dissing the gang’s color. Not only does the female emcee talk about wearing “bloody” shoes on her hit track, but she recently posted an image on social media that appeared to be a slam towards the group.

In a photo shared on her Instagram page, Cardi rocked a blue jacket, but captioned the snap: “I hate wearing Flue but this coat was too poppin.” Apparently, that was wildly disrespectful towards the crew.

According to Nipsey Hussle, toying with gangs on any level is “sensitive”. He explained on Big Boy’s Neighborhood, “That’s delicate because she’s from New York. This is a 30-40 year culture that’s been going on out here … it’s a different level of sensitivity.”

He continued, “If we are being honest, that’s how Bloods talk, amongst themselves …. a blood might say flu instead of blue … Whatever you say in private you got to be able to say in public.”

He added, “She a female, it’s something she should correct.” He said Cardi should publicly say, “‘This is how blood’s talk privately, I didn’t mean no disrespect.’ You got to know, this is LA, it’s our culture our lifestyle.”

(Response at 10:47 mark.)

Cardi will be performing his weekend for All-Star weekend and there will be hyped up security in case anything were to go down.

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