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Mystery Solved! We Can Finally Tell You What This Vague Netflix Poster Means…



Have you seen this obnoxiously vague billboard while riding around town? Well, we have and it pisses us off everytime … until now. We’ve finally have the answer to everyone’s (or just our) question.

The billboard only shows a tambourine, but what it’s trying to convey is something a bit more exciting — Chris Rock’s new comedy special! Yes, the one Mo’Nique infamously referenced in her boycott attempt, has finally come to fruition.

Chris Rock: Tamborine, the comedian’s first special in a decade, will premiere on Netflix Wednesday, February 14, 2018.

According to a press release, obtained by HH, Rock’s special will cover “the gamut of contemporary issues, with incisive and insightful commentary on life.”

Chris posted this teaser video on his Instagram page…

Admittedly, we still don’t now why it’s called “Tamborine”, maybe because it was filmed at New York’s Brooklyn Academy of Music? Any who, we’re sure Chris will explain it all when we watch the special, with our boo, on Valentine’s Day!

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