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We all remember the moment during the Inauguration when Melania Trump handed off a Tiffany’s box to who would become the former First Lady, Michelle Obama.

It was never confirmed what was actually in the box, until now!

Obama stopped by The Ellen Show on Wednesday and opened up about the exchange the world saw go down. “It was a lovely frame,” she said. “There’s all this protocol, it’s a state visit. They tell you ‘you’re gonna do this,’ but never before do you get this gift. I’m like, ‘what am I supposed to do with this gift?'”

That also might explain the hilarious side eye.

But, we hate to say it, but we think Obama had a quick blank of memory. Yes, yes, you might recall during the transition from George W. Bush to Obama, Michelle handed off a gift to Laura Bush.

So clearly, it isn’t too uncommon.

Still love you Michelle Obama!

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