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Maxwell is looking to spread his wings and find love in the arms of none other than Danai Gurirra.

Guirra has been one hot commodity, especially since the release of Black Panther and now, Maxwell has jumped on the bandwagon.

During the NYC premiere of the hit Marvel film, he told Page Six: The woman I would want to wine and dine from the film is Danai Gurira, but she might be taken. I used to watch her on ‘The Walking Dead,’ so I do have a bit of an obsession with her — and we share the same barber, by the way, so it could actually work out.”

And when asked how he felt about Danai’s stunning and intricate hairstyle, which was shaved for the film, he responded: “I don’t care. I just love women.”

Danai has not publicly agreed to Maxwell’s offer, but by the looks of things, the Walking Dead star isn’t taken. She is, however, very busy being one hell of a fierce actress.

The bigger question is: Could this be a match in heaven? Maxwell’s dating history is unclear, as is Danai’s. But could they be the perfect couple?

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