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Mo’Nique sure can dish it, but she certainly can’t take it.

The comedienne, who recently made an uproar about being labeled Donkey of the Day by Charlamagne Tha God, just went after Oprah Winfrey, yet again. Hypocrite anyone?

When one Twitter user praised Winfrey for taking the higher road by not responding to Mo’Nique’s negative comments about her, the Academy Award winner went off.

“Warriors of the Light and it takes a great amount of darkness to overcome the light,” the Oprah fan wrote. “Yep so we can clearly see who is shining vs who is whining.”

Mo fired back, “My love, fake gold shines too, but it doesn’t change the fact that it will turn your neck green. Oprah, you keep shining. ”

For those of you haven’t been following Mo’s latest Hollywood gripes, not only has she lately been calling for people to boycott Netflix, but she is still claiming that Oprah and Lee Daniels are behind her being blackballed by Hollywood.

But Twitter put it frankly, the comedienne is playing victim.

You might remember, just last year, during one of her shows, Mo said, “So, thank you, Mr. Lee Daniels. Thank you, Mr. Tyler Perry. Thank you, Ms. Oprah Winfrey. No, baby, I wasn’t blackballed. … It would kill me not to say the real shit. You are not paying me equally. You are not treating me fairly. Y’all could suck my dick if I had one.”

Here’s what a few Twitter users had to say about Mo’Nique coming for people.

HipHollywood also caught up with Oprah during the world premiere of A Wrinkle In Time and suggested she does’t “pay attention to negativity.”

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