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We all know Kanye West is an artist and he’s sensitive about his sh*t  … but he’s also strategic. Which makes the Chi-town rappers’ sudden return to Instagram all the more intriguing.

On Wednesday, more than nine months after mysteriously disappearing from social media, the rapper and fashion mogul returned to the gram to spread love and celebrate some iconic relationships.

The first of course was his own. Ye posted a plain white card that read “Happy Valentines Day babe,” addressed (we assume) to his wife Kim Kardashian.  Ye didn’t caption the photo, but we know the only person he adores, more than himself, is his reality star boo.

Kim also sent her hubby a sweet message on Twitter, but it’s Yeezy’s return to social media that has folks wondering why.

Shortly after he shared the Valentine’s Day card, he posted a series of famous couples (most of whom aren’t together anymore) including Sean Penn and Madonna, Tupac and Aaliyah, Brad and Angelina, Pamela Anderson and all her exes, and Barack and Michelle Obama.

So what are you trying to tell us Ye? The last time he posted up a storm on Twitter  was right before he dropped TLOP, so maybe this is a sign that new music is on the way. Ironically, today is also the two year anniversary of TLOP.

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