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Gladys Knight Silences Plastic Surgery Rumors — But Do Fans Believe Her?



Gladys Knight is not here for all those foolish plastic surgery rumors.

The legendary singer recently surfaced looking 30 years younger, so of course, folks chalked up what could be the Benjamin Button case, to going under the knife. But according to Gladys, these flawless looks are simply “God given genes.”

“I feel like I won a gold medal with all the compliments. You guys keep me young,” she wrote on Twitter over the weekend.

She added, “Thankful for these God given genes and clean living. Of course I can’t do this alone, I have the best glam squad and team that keeps me looking fresh and on point. #2018.”

While it’s comforting to know that the 73-year-old is living a healthier lifestyle, people on social media are calling B.S on the singer.

“Gladys took that midnight train to sneak her ass to Georgia for that facelift, she not slick,” one person wrote. Someone else commented, “She definitely got some tightening…now Back hardly cracks, but y’all stop lying… Geesh.”

Sound off: Is Gladys telling the truth? Or is she just saving face? (No pun intended.)

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