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Did Toni Braxton Really Confirm Her Engagement To Birdman … Or Is This ‘BFV’ Trailer Trickery?



Toni Braxton and Bryan “Birdman” Williams have been flaunting their love on red carpets and concert stages for quite some time now, but are the two actually engaged. Well, take a look at this trailer and you decide…

WeTV released this snippet for the upcoming season of Braxton Family Values and in it you clearly hear Toni state, “I have an announcement to make. I’m engaged!” You also see the big rock the singer has been wearing recently, up-close and personal. But what you don’t see is Toni actually making the announcement. Call us cynical, but until we actually SEE Toni say she’s engaged, and not just hear her say it (which could possibly be voiceover), we’ll be a bit hesitant to call it a confirmation.

Maybe we’re in denial. But you have to admit, Braxton and Birdman are a bit of an odd couple. Do you think the two are actually engaged? Will they make it down the aisle to happily ever after?? Or is WEtv pulling the wool over our eyes and getting shifty with their editing? Only time will tell — the new season of Braxton Family Values airs in March.

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