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Did The ‘Martin’ Reboot Cost Tisha Campbell-Martin Her Marriage?



After over 20 years of marriage (and almost 30 together), Tisha Campbell-Martin and Duane Martin have decided to call it quits — but was it a knee-jerk reaction to Tisha’s new gig, or something that’s been a long time coming?

It’s hard to believe that after three decades with someone it can all come down to alimony, custody and uncoupling. Unfortunately, thats where the Martins are now. After announcing their divorce last week, Tisha has gone to the court seeking joint custody of their two boys (Xen, 16 & Ezekiel, 8), in addition to spousal support from her Real Husbands of Hollywood ex.

And while they are focused on dividing their assets and co-parenting their kids, the rest of the world is wondering where it all went wrong and pointing the finger at Martin. Just weeks ago, Tisha exclusive confirmed with HH that a reboot of the popular ’90s show was practically on the way. But as fans quickly pointed out, it was her contentious relationship with the sitcom’s star, Martin Lawrence, and accusations of sexual harassment, that derailed the show and caused it to end. It was even rumored at the time that after Duane and Tisha married, things became increasingly tense between the two men in “Gina’s” life, which begs the question — Now that Tisha’s back working with Martin, was it too much for Duane to bear?

A source for People points the finger at another reason for their failed marriage. “I know that it’s been coming. It’s not anything that’s new,” the source stated. “It’s been getting harder and harder for them for the last two years. But it just got to the breaking point recently. It’s one of those things where they’ve been talking about it and fighting it out and trying to come to a conscious uncoupling.”

Either way, we’re definitely sad to see this one end.

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