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Did Steve Harvey Have His Daughter’s Fiancé Followed?



Overprotective? That would be an understatement when it comes to Steve Harvey.

The TV host is the father to four gorgeous daughters, so it’s no surprise that Harvey vets all the men that comes in and out of their home. But is having the suitors followed going to far?

During a recent episode of his daytime talkshow, Harvey unveiled that he did just that when his daughter, Lori, started dating Memphis Depay.

When asked by guest Kim Gravel if it scared him that his baby girl was dating professional soccer player, he said: “It did in the beginning. But then I had him followed.”

He continued, “She didn’t know. She knows now. But when she found out she was upset. ‘What you trippin’ for? I’m trying to help you.”

“You think he cute, I don’t,” Harvey explained. “You find him attractive. The boy is just a boy to me.” The 61-year-old concluded about men respecting women, “If you’re not going to treat her the way I’ve treated her, and the way I’ve treated her mama, then you can’t have her. And then I’m going to fix it.”

DePay popped the question to Lori back in June 2017.

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