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Could This News Send Kylie Jenner Running Back To Tyga?



What do you do when you’ve lost the girl of your dreams to a rapper? Well, if you’re a rapper yourself, you write her a love song. Insert: Tyga.

In this case though, Tyga wrote more than just a song. The “Rack City” rapper has upped the ante in his break up with Kylie and has decided to dedicate his whole upcoming album, “Kyoto”, to his ex. T-Raww told Complex that if it wasn’t for his time, and subsequent break-up, with Jenner his music wouldn’t be the same. “I wouldn’t have made this album,” he said. “I needed God to test me. I needed Him to put me through fire and make me feel, you know, what it’s like.”

To make matters worse, Kylie, who just welcomed a baby girl with her current rap boo Travis Scott, is apparently flattered by the display of affection. A close KJ source told Hollywood Life, “Kylie is well aware that Tyga’s new album is all about her. He’s been sending her lyrics for months. She’s secretly very flattered and proud, I mean she’s now got a whole album dedicated to her. That’s legend status!”

“Legend”, though?!?!?

Any who, if Tyga really us trying to get his chick back he better tread lightly. We have a feeling Travis don’t play that ish.

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