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Blac Chyna Just Might Beat Kim K’s A** Over This!



Kim Kardashian thinks being petty is cute, and it is, until you’re petty with the wrong one. Insert: Blac Chyna.

KK is in the process of sending out her Valentine’s Day gifts which are little candy heart replicas with her new fragrance inside. And instead of just sending it to the ones she loves, she has also decided to ship them to her “haters”, as she puts it.

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Did y’all see those names?! Here’s a better view…

Yes, on that list of haters is Wendy Williams, Taylor Swift and even Blac Chyna — her ex- almost sister-in-law and the mother of her niece, Dream. After the bickering, lawsuits and social media shade, Mrs. West is attempting to extend an olive brach by way of her perfume.

Or that’s what she wants us to think. In reality, Kim is trying to get under her enemies’ skin. You know, when someone says keep my name out’cha mouth, and you say it anyways? Yea, that’s what Kimmie is doing. But she may just be messing with the wrong one.

She doesn’t have to worry about Wendy (East Coast and too old), nor will Swift or Lindsay Lohan be a problem (they ain’t bout that life), but Chyna? Oh yea, Chyna could definitely be feelin’ froggy and just might jump. Let’s not forget, Blac used to be a stripper and everyone knows strippers are gully. Plus, she’s from DC, like hood DC. We’re sure BC’s been in her fair share of street fights. And if for whatever reason you don’t think Chy will come for Kim, remember this. Her mama is Tokyo Toni … enough said.

Editor’s Note: P!nk might be able to throw them hands, too.

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