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#YeezySeason6: Kanye West Wants Everyone To Be Just Like Kim Kardashian



It was so subtle you didn’t even know it was happening…

Kim Kardashian’s sudden affinity for stretch pants and sweats had the makings of Kanye West written all over it, but what she was really doing was making the world Ye’s runway, byway of her everyday mundane task.

Obviously, Kimmie was a muse of sorts for Kanye’s Yeezy Season 6 collection, but now he’s trying to make a world of KK Clones and that’s where he crossed the line. Mrs. West has been sporting the leisure wear for months now, but the full debut is here and it’s a bunch of models and IG influencers (oh, and Kim’s former BFF, then nemesis turned friend again, Paris Hilton) modeling the looks, including the ice blonde hair, in the same exact way Kim showcased the fashions … like, SAME exact way.

Mr. West enlisted the Clermont twins to help show off his looks and at one point they just don’t wear anything but the boots (how Kim of them…).


Oh and speaking on naked…


At least Kim had on a coat when she did it…

Beauty guru, Kristen Noel Crawley also took a stab at channeling her inner Kim.

And, as mentioned, Paris Hilton decided she too wanted to be Kim. How ironic, since it was Kim who first wanted to be like Paris.

Do these snapshots make you want to show Yeezy Season 6?

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