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Who’s That Girl: Is This Jesse Williams’ New Boo?



As you’ve probably heard, Jesse Williams and Minka Kelly are no longer an item. But, folks think the green-eyed actor/activist may have already moved on with this chocolate beauty, Ciarra Pardo. However, #IssaNO!

Williams and Rihanna’s creative director, were spotted on vacation together in Brazil. But, the gag is, they were there with a whole group of friends. Truth is, Williams and Pardo have been buddies for years. In fact, they have known each other so long that Jesse’s ex-wife, Aryn Drake-Lee, knows her as well.

So, why is their friendship tea hitting the blogs now? Well, it seems that Drake-Lee is convinced the buddies are actually banging and that Jesse has introduced her to the kids as a girlfriend, which would go against the exes’ custody order.

Now, yes, the kids do call Ciarra “Mama C”, but apparently they’ve been calling her that since forever and interchange it with “Auntie C”, so that’s not the smoking gun.

We’ll be keeping our eye on this one…

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