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Where’s The Lie? Azealia Banks Highlights The Hypocrisy Of Whitewashed “Hollywood Feminism”



Often synonymous with conflict and controversy, Azealia Banks is back, but with a different message.

Usually, Banks is the beacon for shameful trolling and ignorant comments du jour, but her latest post highlighting the hypocrisy of “Hollywood feminism” seems to hit the nail on the head.

Banks’ commentary comes on the heels of women crying foul over the lack of female winners at the 60th annual Grammy Awards — a show that notoriously overlooks women of color, while often praising the likes of Taylor Swift, Adele and more. “Reading all this media coverage and I cannot stop thinking about how entitled white women are when it comes to the industry,” Azealia stated in her caption. “Black women deal with this every single year yet none of the elite Hollywood feminist vanguard jumps to defend any of them.” Again, find the lie.

The “Broke With Expensive Taste” singer went on to note that “white female artist lead the pack at the Grammys every freaking year,” and that they often want to be “credited for their mediocrity.” We’d like to add that they often confuse popularity with talent, which too plays into their belief that their mediocrity is somehow transcendent.

But we can’t present on side of the argument without the other. There are some white female artist that could literally scale a building while singing and still rarely get love … hey P!nk, we’re looking at you. The “What About Us” singer recently criticized Grammys President Neil Portnow for saying that women need to “step up.”

Neil subsequently apologized.

And while both P!nk and Azealia have points, unfortunately P!nk’s doesn’t touch on the disparities women of color still face in comparison to their white counterparts. And even more unfortunately, it’s Banks’ argument that will most likely go unheard and unresolved.

HH stands will Black female artist!

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