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President Donald Trump says he’s not worried about Oprah running for President in 2020, because she wouldn’t win. Trump reacted to the groundswell of interest in a Winfrey run on Tuesday saying he doesn’t think she’ll pull the trigger and run, but if she does, he’d beat her.

“Yeah I’d beat Oprah,” he said after a Bipartisan meeting at the White House. “Oprah would be a lot of fun. I know her very well. I did one of her last shows, she had Donald Trump, this was before politics she had Donald Trump and my family, it was very nice. I like Oprah. I don’t think she is going to run, I know her very well.”

After the media mogul’s powerful speech at the Golden Globes, many on the Internet suggested she run for president. Interestingly Trump himself has expressed that she would make a good running mate not once but TWICE, and even said he could win with her.

The first time was back in 1999 during an interview on CNN on Larry King Live. “Oprah. I love Oprah. Oprah would always be my first choice,” Trump told King. “If she’d do it, she’d be fantastic. I mean, she’s popular, she’s brilliant, she’s a wonderful woman. I mean, if she would ever do it. I don’t know that she would ever do it. She’s got, you know. She would be sort of like me.”

The second time was in 2015 right after he announced his campaign. “I think Oprah would be great. I’d love to have Oprah,” Trump said during an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos. “I think we’d win easily, actually.”

For the record, Oprah has not said she’d run. Her best friend Gayle King said Tuesday on “CBS This Morning” that Winfrey was “intrigued” by the idea, but at this point is not considering it.

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