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Is 10 years old too young to learn how to operate a firearm? If you ask Torrei Hart, the answer is simple: Nope.

On Monday, the former reality star took her 10-year-old son, Hendrix, to a gun range for what she is calling a “mommy-son” date. Posted on her Instagram stories, you see the very happy young boy firing a pistol while laced in head-to-toe safety gear.

But given the recent controversial and polarizing conversation about gun control, people are livid that Torrei allowed her young child to shoot a firearm.

“With school shootings I don’t agree with teaching and taking your under age kid to a gun range,” one comment read. “And I love torri but no sis this was a bad move.”

Someone else wrote, “Guns are for adults not children bottom line they also kill so why would it be of interest it doesn’t protect much since you hardly have time to reach for one when in real danger … I’m well educated on guns thx.”

A rep for Hart explained to gossip website, The Blast, that “We always go on mommy son dates and today I took him to the gun range. His favorite game is ‘Call of Duty’ so I wanted him to feel some live action.”

The rep added, “I’m an army vet so I have been shooting guns since I was 19. I want to teach him weapon protection and safety at a young age. It was fun and a learning experience.”


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