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Tiffany Haddish is officially the face of Groupon. Talk about coming full circle.

While on a promo tour for Girls Trip last year, Haddish appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and told a hilarious story about using Groupon with Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith to go on a swamp tour in New Orleans.

The hilarious story led to Groupon working out an major deal with Haddish, which will include the Image Award winner becoming the face of a Super Bowl ad.

Haddish announced the big news in a video shared on YouTube, telling Groupon subscribers “I’m the new spokesperson for Groupon. I’m a huge fan of Groupon and have been using them forever — to eat out, to take my niece everywhere and to get my Groupon body on. You know what I’m saying, personal trainers at a discounted rate.”

Jon Wild, head of marketing suggested that the company “talked about involving her in our business more and as we got to know her, her purchases and the type of customer she is, we wanted to find her the stage that is appropriate and here we are talking about her in the context of the Super Bowl.”

According to Wild, the actress knows more about Groupon than most the employees.

Not only will Haddish appear in a Super Bowl commercial, but she also got access to the employee app and received extra bucks on her account. Now that’s a deal.

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