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Critics may have called Will Smith’s latest flick Bright the worst film of 2017, but the gag is it’s getting a sequel. According to Nielsen the film, which premiered on Dec. 22, was viewed by 11 million people over three days … And it even got rave reviews.

Now following the success, Netflix is moving forward with a part 2. David Ayer will return to write and direct the second installment, and Will Smith and Joel Edgerton are attached to reprise their roles.

Netflix teased the announcement with a video of orcs auditioning for the sequel. The characters have been a significant component of the film’s promotions.

“ANNOUNCEMENT: Orc auditions for the @BrightNetflix sequel are now closed. Thank you. Have a nice day,” the official Netflix account tweeted.

In the film, Smith plays an LAPD cop in a mythical world of orcs, elves and fairies … and Ayer told us, he couldn’t think of anyone better for the role.

“We had such a good time on Suicide Squad together and this role is kind of perfect for him; it’s an edgy movie, but it’s funny. He’s got the best sense of humor of anybody I know.”


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