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Seal has been very, very busy doing some serious damage control.

The singer first came under fire earlier this week when he seemingly dissed Oprah with meme that read: “When you have been part of the problem for decades, but suddenly that all think you are the solution.”

“Oh I forgot, that’s right,” Seal captioned the photo of Oprah kissing Harvey Weinstein. “You’d heard the [rumors] but you had no idea he was actually serially assaulting young [starry]-eyed actresses who in turn had no idea what they were getting into. My bad. #SanctimoniousHollywood.”

First, it was Chrissy Teigen who went after the singer for daring to make such a remark. “Hmm. Let’s just say we’ve all heard things about each other, haven’t we?” she commented.

Other people followed suit by responding to Seal’s Instagram post, including Stacey Dash, but she (surprise, surprise) sided with Seal. She tweeted, “Ouch, he does make a good point though.”

The singer, however, was not here for it.

“Stacey Dash,” he said in a lengthily video on Facebook, “keep my name out of your mouth. Do not retweet, re-quote anything I have said in order to reinforce your self-hating agenda. You live in the Sunken Place.”

Now that’s an ouch.

In the same video, the singer defended himself and suggested that the meme was not a direct attack towards Oprah.

“Now let’s get straight to it. Let me start by saying that I have an enormous amount of respect for everything that Oprah has achieved and contributed in her life,” he said. “What I reposted was not an attack on Oprah at all. She just happened to be the person photographed with the pig [referring to Harvey Weinstein] in the picture. No, what I reposted was commentary on the hypocritical and double-standard nature and behavior of Hollywood.”

He continued, “To those of us who support the Me Too movement, just know this: not one of the women who have been sexually abused, not one of the women who have come forward has received any real justice whatsoever. Losing your job because you either a) raped, b) sexually abused, or even sexually harassed a woman is not real punishment. You steal from the postoffice, you go to jail. And #realtalk for a second, we all know what would happen to any of those power abusers if they looked like me.”

The father of four then not only blasted Fox News for using him as “a pawn against Oprah,” but reminded fans that at the end of the day, he is still a Black man. “So let me get this straight, in order to promote social-awareness dialogue on this particular subject, I repost — not create, but repost — a meme that appeared on my social feed, and now all of a sudden it’s ‘a brother tearing down a sister’ issue?” the London native explained.

“Let me make something abundantly clear to you: I am English born, but don’t get that [sings] ’Baby’ kiss from a rose stuff twisted. See these scars on my face? My parents are from Africa — more specifically, Nigeria — and I am about as black as you will ever get,” Seal said.

Watch the full video below.

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