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Pete Souza (Obama’s Former Photographer) Is The King Of Petty And We Love It!



He’s the former Chief Official White House Photographer; the man responsible for capturing every moment of Barack Obama’s presidency. And he did a damn good job. You’ve seen Pete Souza’s photography time and time again, but if you don’t follow him on Instagram you are surely missing out.

We call him Petty Pete for a very good reason. He uses social media to cleverly troll Trump at ever turn. It’s an art, and it’s hilarious. Here are a few times Souza shaded The Donald, using pics of our forever POTUS, and it was absolutely epic.

Remember when cameras caught Melania continously swatting Trump’s hand every time he tried to hold hers? Well, Pete posted this in response.

Oh, and that time Donald thought he was too good to greet German Chancellor Angela Merkel with a hand shake … even after being repeatedly asked by the press AND Ms. Merkel. Of course, Souza had a snapshot clapback on deck.

One of the best had to be this comparison. Trump meeting Pope Francis in 2017…

vs. Obama’s meeting with Pope Francis in 2016.

And how could we forget this painfully awkward 3 minutes of Trump with Trick-or-Treating children.

Petty Pete proceeded to respond to Donald’s lackluster interaction with children with a series of photos where Obama was nothing short of gleeful and giddy with the kiddies.

Even today, while the world mocks Trump for fumbling the words to the National Anthem while at the College Football National Championship Game Monday night, Pete reminds us that President Obama knows every note.

Pete Souza, ladies and gentlemen. The real MVP.

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