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Offset is apologizing to the LGBTQIA community for using what people are calling homophobic lyrics.

On a new track titled “Boss Life,” Offset raps, “Pinky ring crystal clear, 40k spent on a private Lear/60k solitaire/I cannot vibe with queers.” The suggestion that he does not vibe with queers instantly upset a slew of fans.

“Offset ‘can’t vibe with queers’ but he can wear clothes designed by them and marry a woman of loves them and has a lesbian sister? ooh okay,” one fan tweeted. Someone else wrote, “So is saying he can’t vibe wit Queers but half the clothes Yu got is made from queers.”

After being blasted for his choice of words, Cardi B’s fiancé released a seemingly ignorant apology.

“I didn’t write the line about gay people. I have said before since these issues before that I got love for all people. My passion for fashion has lead me to a lot of gay people around me who I have mad respect for and we are very cool so I’m not in a place where I’m hating like that,” he wrote on Instagram.

“When I wrote that I was thinking of words that could rhyme with the others (here, lear, solitaire, bear) and I saw this definition about her having a queer feeling she was being watched and it fit what I was thinking about a stalker creepy paparazzi situation,” he explained. “To me that “queer” I don’t mean someone who’s gay. I mean lame people who film you, post it and stalk you. Lingo that means strange or odd.”

The rapper concluded, “I M S O R R Y I A P O L O G I Z E. I’m offended I offended anybody.”

The Migos group member also shared a snapshot of the definition of queer, which reads: “strange; odd.”

This is not the first time the rapper has been accused of being homophobic. Back in 2016, the rapper and his group Migos came under fire for referring to Makonnen’s coming out of the closet as “wack.”

The group released an apology at the time claiming that their comments were misconstrued. “We always been about being original and staying true. Staying true to yourself goes a long way,” they said. “We are all fan’s of Makonnens music and we wish he didn’t feel like he ever had to hide himself. We feel the world is f*cked up that people feel like they have to hide and we’re asked to comment on someone’s sexuality.”

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