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Octavia Spencer Drags Hollywood Over Wage Disparity, Defends Michelle Williams & Taraji P. Henson



Octavia Spencer had some time today.
Sis went all the way in about Hollywood’s wage disparity, Michelle Williams getting paid pennies to reshoot “All The Money In The World” and urged folks to support actresses of color namely, Taraji P. Henson’s new flick Proud Mary … all in one post.
We just love how it starts.
“So…. I am about to say something that will likely ruffle feathers, but sometimes we need it,” she begins in  the post featuring a artwork from Proud Mary.  “I am not mad at Wahlberg for asserting his worth and demanding to be paid for reshoots. I’m upset with how the situation was presented to Michelle. She should have been given all the information to make an informed not emotional decision. We have to take a page out of this playbook of negotiating.”
In case you missed it, Wahlberg reportedly was paid $1.5 million to reshoot his scenes in “All The MOney In The World” while his co-stars got paid a measly $80 per diem per day. Williams nor director Ridley Scott was told that Wahlberg was being paid. Wahlberg’s people negotiated the deal and demanded he be paid before he even started filming.
Needless to say Williams is pissed, but Spencer believes this could be a teachable moment for actresses in Hollywood, particularly women of color.
“We have to discuss the gross disparity in pay for WOC,” she said. “Producers and studios will always point to box office performance as if we have been given countless opportunities to lead films. Well, this weekend my girl @tarajiphenson has #ProudMary opening. Let’s help her have a huge weekend so that the next time they say WOC don’t open movies: we can point to #HiddenFigures #GirlsTrip and#ProudMary as recent debunkers. #knowOurWorth.”
Well said Octavia. We hope your post gets folks out to see Hensons’ new flick.  Sony hasn’t been doing much in the way of promoting Proud Mary, and fans have taken notice.

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